Monday, November 29, 2010

Sekai, Suspended Earrings

I finally got these working! I played with chain and jump rings for a long time before they all finally fit within the rings and suspended the wrapped loops in a stable way.

Sekai means world in Japanese, and these earrings are so named because the little blue Picasso-finish beads (oh, the beautiful, lovely, delicate, gorgeous beads... can you tell I love them? Because I do. Mine! All mine!) remind me of the sea and a coastline, and these micro-worlds are suspended within the big copper circles.

I suppose you could probably work some serious symbolism in there-- didn't the circle represent the spiritual world to the Ancient Greeks?-- but for me they're just an intersection of two of my favorite things- circles, and these beads.

The copper circles are about 4 cm in diameter. The wire is copper, 22 gauge, the beadcaps, chain, and little copper beads are (what else?) copper. The beads are Czech glass.

These are big, but they're so simple I find them very wearable.

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