Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Low-FODMAP Popsicles

For health reasons, I recently started a FODMAP elimination diet. It's done wonders for me, and I don't miss too many of the foods that I used to be able to eat, but I've had a hard time finding any corn syrup- and milk-free popsicles. And that simply will not do.
So I made my own, using a $1 popsicle mold set from Ralphs. I think they rock, so I'm sharing the (general) recipe.
[Any Kind of Fruit] + Lemonade Popsicles
You will need:
  • Fruit (ultimately, you'll need about 1/2 cup of fruit juice and/or pulp)
  • Lemon(s)
  • Sugar
  • Water
My popsicle maker holds about a cup of liquid, total, so that's the measurement I'm using: if yours holds more or less, increase or decrease the recipe proportionally.
  1. Make simple sugar syrup: cook equal amounts of sugar and water (I usually use a half cup of each, but then I have some left over, so it's up to you) until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Dice the fruit, and mash it up well. I use a suribachi and surikogi (mortar and pestle) but you can use a blender or any other method you prefer. The object is to (generally) separate the pulp from the juice. 
  3. Add fruit juice (and pulp, if you want) to a measuring cup: you want about half a cup, maybe a little more, of fruit. 
  4. Add the juice of at least half a lemon (a full lemon works too- it all depends on your lemon preferences) to the measuring cup. 
  5. Add syrup to the measuring cup to bring the liquid amount up to one cup. 
  6. Stir, and taste. The mixture should taste both too sweet and too strong-- it settles as it freezes. Add more lemon, syrup, and/or fruit to taste, but remember that the mixture should have a very strong flavor. 
  7. Freeze.
And there you go. So far, I've tried honeydew, kiwi (make sure not to crush the seeds!), muscat grapes (pictured above), strawberries, and blackberries (all FODMAP-friendly fruit!), and they have all worked very well. Also, recently, I made some with syrup + lime juice + strips of fresh mint.

These are cheap, easy, and healthy, as far as frozen treats go-- and, more importantly, I think they're the yummiest popsicles I've ever had. Give 'em a try!