Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fire Drops Bracelet

I love this bracelet. I love anything with drop beads, really, but just knotting them on embroidery floss allows the drops to take center stage. I like the frayed ends, too, that give it an almost unfinished or childish feel. It's crazily light to wear, too.

It's made from Japanese drops, embroidery floss, copper crimps, jump rings, and a copper closure.

Photo Post: Butterflies

Enjoy! I know I sure enjoyed taking these.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On a non-crafty-related note...

I just read an excellent article on why FarmVille and its ilk are so popular and compelling.

CityVille, Explained

The ending paragraphs about humans' need to close open loops were particularly interesting.

Also: snowflakes under an electron microscope! How cool is that?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Caribbean Sands Bracelet

I had had the two seed bead-and-swarovski strands sitting around, ostensibly for a necklace. I finally broke down and combined them, along with raku and tigers-eye beads, into a twisted little bracelet. It reminds me of the tropics, but kinda of the desert. It reminded my partner of Davy Jones' ship from the newer Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Hence the name.

As previously mentioned, it's glass, crystal (swarovski 4s and 6es), tigers-eye, and raku ceramic beads.

Kyohou Globe Earrings

These are named for the best grapes in the universe.

They're another attempt at 'simple' earrings: simple meaning created out of only one headpin (and beads, of course). They feature size 4 double AB'd swarovskis (I'm not sure what color they are precisely-- the double ABs fade together for me) and my simplest beaded beads. The beads are size 11 seed beads right angle woven over a base of 6 Japanese drop beads. These earrings are about 1.75 cm, again sans hooks.

I'm not sure when I'd wear these, but I do like them.

Wisteria Window Earrings

These are my attempt at 'simple earrings'. They're small and kinda vintagey-- not really my style, but not bad either.

They are composed of seed beads, Czech flower beads, Czech Picasso finish window beads, and little yellow faceted stones of some kind. They're about 2.5 cm in length without the hooks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Netting Tutorial

I am pleased to present the latest in what is rapidly becoming a series of tutorials on the basic beadweaving stitches:

Just like with peyote and right angle weave, netting is a versatile stitch that seems complicated but is actually quite simple. It's a good stitch to have under your belt, and even the simplest version can be used to create a pretty lacy collar or a sparkly bead-draped Christmas ornament. 

So: on to the tutorial!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Non-Crafty: My Butterfly!

I watched a butterfly emerge from its cocoon the other day. I'd been keeping an eye on the chrysalis for a while, and I'm SO lucky that I was around when its resident decided to rejoin the outside world.

Friday, December 10, 2010

How to Make a Japanese Paper Doll

I love making these little guys. I crafted a bunch using local paper during my stay in Japan, and I actually taught a group of Japanese university students to make them. I ended up teaching quite a few origami models while I was there, but this one was one of the most popular.

The variations are infinite, once you understand the underlying concepts, so it's a good project to have under your belt if you like paper crafting. I use my ningyo (doll/s: literally "person shape") for art, but they can also be used for crafts like cards and bookmarks. They are just so cute!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photo Post: Flowers

As this is meant to be a blog for all my artistic and creative endeavors, I was thinking it's about time I start posting some of my favorite photographs.

Group 1: Flowers, Sans Bugs (it has to be specified because I have a lot of bug pictures. A lot.) Also, Without Serious Photoshopping

On a non-crafty, but adorable note...

I was taking pictures in the local garden today and I happened to encounter this feline whom I had only glimpsed before. He (she?) was wary for a little while, then warmed up and even consented to having his head and back scratched.

It was a really nice moment, in the middle of all this graduate school application stress (did you know that Harvard has 13 pages worth of info and uploads they need you to fill out?!? 'Cause I hadn't!).


Monday, December 6, 2010

Spheroids; Cuboids

My new geometric creations in their completed forms. The interiors use dagger beads or reasonably-sized seed beads; the exteriors, size 11 seed beads and small Japanese drops. The red one is about 1.5 cm in diameter.

Of these four, three are the same design, but the gray one's slightly different.

I find these things strangely compelling.