Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2102!

Happy New Year!

I've recently finished my first semester as an art major. It's kind of amazing: when I was studying other "academic" disciplines, I'd end the semester without any measurable sort of progress, just a little more knowledge and a massive headache from ten-page final papers.

As an art student, I have learned skills. A few months ago I didn't know what the heck gouache was, exactly, and now I know how to paint with it. I know how to compose groups of objects into pleasing compositions using the "Elements of Design". I went from being curious about charcoal to hating charcoal, and then to finding a use for it and maybe wanting to buy more charcoal sometime in the future. I know how to use artistic materials much, much better than I did before.

I'm looking forward to next semester.

The thing about art school is that I have less time for (and less inclination towards) crafts. I'm too busy being creative in other ways! But maybe I can share some of what I've learned in the art world with the crafting community at large. And maybe I'll share some of my art. :)