Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Industrial Lantern Earrings

I have a whole set of 'lantern' earrings going: somewhat-spherical beads, topped by bead caps, and ending with chain. These are the most austere and modern of the group. I love all the different chains involved. Yay for chains of multiple metals all grouped together!
The beads are snakeskin agate, the beadcaps are gold (I got them as a gift... what, you though I actually bought any non-copper findings?... actually, my partner has talked me into purchasing some gunmetal, so, yes, yes I have... but no gold, yet...) the hooks and headpins are copper, and the chains are copper and silver (and probably some aluminum-- I deconstructed some necklaces I had as a kid and that's where the non-copper came from!).  

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