Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Industrial Archaism Necklace

This is a collaboration between me and my partner-- he wrapped the big chunk of 20-gauge wire in smaller wire and gave it to me to do something with. I stuck some chain on both ends and added some wired swirls and pretty gray beads, and, voila, instant necklace!

I like jewelry with an industrial component (gray, lots of non-gold and non-silver metal, geometric shapes), and this necklace successfully gives me that vibe-- however, the copper-wire swirls and the shape of the front piece remind me of ancient Greek jewelry, hence the name.

This necklace is short and delicate, sitting just around the collarbone. It's made of copper chains and findings,  size 20 copper wire, size 28 copper wire, size 22 copper wire (going through the beads and making the spirals), and czech glass beads.

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