Thursday, October 14, 2010

Constructed Angel Earrings

These were inspired by a large (well... large for a solitary hobby-crafter, anyway) of copper beads and AB Crystal swarovskis. I love the combination of crystal and copper, but these didn't do it for me until I added in the tiny copper spirals.

I've got this strange Steampunk-y (or CLAMP-y, I suppose) image in my head of an angel partially made of machinery (or at least in very industrial-looking armor) but sparkly things and a lot of white light surrounding him/her. These earrings sorta invoke that for me.

They're about 3.5cm long, with tiny little .5cm spirals. They're made of hollow copper beads, 6 mm swarovski bicones in Crystal AB, and yellow Japanese size 8 seed beads. 

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