Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crafts: Or, the Overwhelming Urge to Glue/Knit/Tie/Wirewrap Things Together

Ah, craftiness: the reason for this blog. I seem to have this inexplicable urge to take perfectly good things, mess with them, and turn them into other stuff entirely. Sometimes it's as simple as taking yarn and using the socially accepted pointy-stick method to turn it into a knitted scarf bag lipstick holder (I have no patience). Other times I break out the origami paper, only to tear it up into a collage. I glue manga pages to wooden trays, glass half-marbles to scraps of chiyogami, and cut-up magazines to various household objects. I wire-wrap hardware bits to Swarovski crystals and chain, and then wrap the whole thing to a hair comb. I do some weird stuff. But, if I do say so, a lot of it comes out very cool.

If you want things designed just for you, you gotta design 'em yourself. Or bribe someone to do it for you. I prefer the first method.

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